Fear of Inaction That Somehow Turned Into A Brief Overview of Astrology, and Then An Attempt At Positivity

 I think there’s a big fear of not doing enough that is a large part of our society. I started this blog because one day I felt so overcome by my own lack of action - by my inability to keep waiting - that I had to do something. Anything.

There’s this crazy contradictory element of time that exists, especially in the age of Coronavirus. While the individual days seem to zoom by - the running joke here is it’s somehow always 4 pm - as a whole this entire time feels absolutely endless. 

I don’t know if other young people feel this way, but I often have to remind myself that I’m technically young; that I haven’t actually been alive as long as I feel that I have. I know how utterly absurd it is to feel this way - how the hell am I going to feel when I’m 90 if I’m saying this at 23? If there are any fellow sun in Capricorns somehow stumbling upon this blog, or Capricorn risings, moon signs, mercury, Venus, or mars in Capricorn - or even a strong Saturn - then you must know exactly how I feel. We’re born old, cynical, and grouchy. Basically the human embodiment of Oscar the Grouch, minus the stench.

And for those with a strong Leo here, well, you can go fuck yourself. I’m kidding. Sorry, don’t mean to offend anyone, my Mom’s a Leo rising. They’re great, can be a ton of fun, really, as long as they don’t get too stuck on stealing the spotlight from others.

This has somehow turned into a mild Astrological rant. Since this is how it’s turned out, if you are reading this and you don’t know much about Astrology, or think you do based purely off of stereotypical sun-sign facts (there’s no such thing as being on the cusp!), or think it’s a bunch of bullshit, then there is a TON for you to learn. Firstly, if you fall into the latter category, then you probably have a lot of Virgo in your chart.

Secondly...there’s too much to go into specifically here on Astrology. But know that there is a huge community of brilliant people who have spent their lives delving into the multitude of endless layers that Astrology has.

To give the most basic, generic rundown of a Natal astrological chart: depending on what time a person is born (exact time), place, and date, each individual has a completely unique “Natal” or “Birth” chart that, you’ve guessed it (or maybe you haven’t), creates a general blueprint of the person’s life/personality.

Now, if you hire an Astrologer, or get into learning about Astrology yourself in a detailed and accurate manner that is far more advanced than just sun and rising sign generic facts, if the type of Astrology is based more in Hellenistic, or Ancient Astrology, then a large focus of this blueprint can be on the types of things that will occur throughout your life. Based on the strength of malefics (Saturn, Mars), and benefics (Venus, Jupiter), various things can be more likely to occur a certain way. For instance, if you have a strong, difficult t-square such as myself (Venus/Mercury squaring a Saturn/Mars opposition), there can be a lot of difficulties that can abound in certain avenues of life. For me, because of the placement and signs involved in my t-square, it largely has to do with relationship problems, especially in regards to having to learn how to balance relationships, and be sure there is balance within communication and love.

But just because you have a difficulty in your chart, doesn’t mean that things won’t work out for you. In fact, oftentimes the greatest difficulties in your chart end up being your greatest strengths once you learn how to master them.

And so, instead of delving more deeply into a specific, general, introductory summary on how charts work, I’m going to focus on this notion:

Life’s most difficult struggles often end up giving you the most rewards...once you’re able to overcome the challenges.

But isn’t that the way, when you really think about it? If things come too easily, they’re often taken for granted. Or even worse: they’re not worked on at all, therefore the individual no longer works to improve.

If there’s a problem, we’re forced to reflect on it, and work through, until we somehow get to the other side, look back, and realize we’ve learned more than we ever realized we could.

If there’s any ounce of anything you can take from this Astrological lesson, well, I can say for myself that I will attempt to focus on this. And so, throughout this insane time where we all seem to be surrounded by a multitude of selfish assholes, and while it seems that things may never actually get better as the hours drag on longer and longer, and the days themselves seem to somehow fly by...this is a very long sentence. A run-on, even.

I’m trying to say that if there is any ounce of optimism to be mined from these fucked-up times, it’s that a lot of growth and discovery can be made that will be helpful in the future. In fact, who knows, maybe some of our greatest lessons can be learned now.

Okay, I’m going to keep telling myself this so I don’t lose all hope in humanity. Great.Thanks for the read, I may do this again, or I may not. Could be next week, could be 8 months from now. But isn’t that the way things seem right now, anyway?

Eh, at least it’s not 4 pm.


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