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The Ants Keep Marching In...

 Brief rant here. For the past month or so, my Grandmother’s storage closet in her kitchen has been bombarded by little, tiny, minuscule (shall I continue on with my list of synonyms for the word “small”, or do you get the point?) crawling devils that refuse to leave. After discovering the source...blah, blah, I don’t currently have the stamina to go into detail about how this hive of monstrosities came to be. I’m only about halfway through my first cup of coffee, and my brain isn’t fully optimized until I’m at least 2/3 in, the sweet spot of coffee, if you will. If I drink more than that, I become a rambling lunatic; drink less, and I’m nearly comatose. The ants. Yes, let’s get back to those demons. They. Keep. Reappearing. Following along in little trails along the side of the wall despite there not being any food there whatsoever. What are they after? What are their motivations, and why do they keep coming back to the same spot that seemingly provides no sustenance? Is it to mock me

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